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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Polaroid's Finally Fading

Images on left UF Photo students at 2002 SPE in Vegas
Image on right: Lucas Samaras, Phototransformation 1973-74

In a sad bit of news, Polaroid has announced it will stop making instant film. The once ubiquitous camera has largely been replaced by digital in the consumer world, but in art and professional photography, it still has many uses: transfers, previews of lighting, etc. I will miss it, but my camera collection will fill up more quickly now that people will be getting rid of them in mass numbers I think I have about 20 Polaroids so far. On a happier note, Fujifilm still makes instant film for professional photographers, I have never used them so don't know if they are an actual replacement.

Update: There is now a petition to save Polaroid film. I doubt it'll help but worth a shot I guess. Online petition - Save Polaroid Film!!

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